Parenting the Love and Logic Way

Parenting the Love and Logic Way

Registration for the Fall semester at Redeemer Church is currently full. CLICK HERE to fill out an interest form for the Spring semester, or CLICK HERE to register for the course at our Pearland campus (Sundays 3-5pm, 2314 N Grand Blvd Pearland, TX 77581).


Many parents want their kids to be well-prepared for life, and they know this means kids will make mistakes and must be held accountable for those mistakes. But these parents often fail to hold the kids accountable for poor decisions because they are afraid the kids will see their parents as being mean. The result is they often excuse bad behavior, finding it easier to hold others, including themselves, accountable for their children's irresponsibility.

The 6-week Parenting the Love and Logic Way course teaches that we should "lock in our empathy, love, and understanding" prior to telling kids what the consequences of their actions will be. This method causes the child to see their parent as the "good guy" and the child's poor decision as the "bad guy." When done on a regular basis, kids develop an internal voice that says, "I wonder how much pain I'm going to cause for myself with my next decision?" Kids who develop this internal voice become more capable of standing up to peer pressure.

This 6-week course runs from 4-6pm every Sunday starting September 22. Childcare will be provided. Please contact Shannon Goran with any questions about the course at Redeemer Church.



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