Kids and Family Ministries

Kids and Family Ministries

If you have any questions, or need any guidance please reach out to our Children's Director, Nikki Gage.

At Redeemer Church, we are honored to come alongside families as you build firm faith foundations for your children, raising up the next generation of disciples. Jesus said that God’s Kingdom belongs to kids and at Redeemer Church we take that very seriously. We are intentional about including children in the life of faith, both at church and at home. RedeemerKids exists to equip families and young people to follow Jesus, lead others to Jesus and change the world.



If your family is new here to RedeemerKids, we'd love to get you connected! 

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Starting October 4, there will be both in-person and digital options for kids and families. Click the links below to register for in-person Sunday classes, or to get the link to join the weekly Zoom.

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The curriculum below is for the weekend of:

November 1, 2020







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Family is your first church.  As Jessica Lagrone, mother and theologian, said in the forward to Grow at Home, "family is the place where we develop our first inklings of what God is like, whether someone knows they are teaching or not. Faith is formed at the dinner table, in questions thrown back and forth from the backseat, and in bedtime conversations." It is in the routines of our every day life that we form the faith of our children. Parents, because you matter so much, we want to help you make faith a family practice. 

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